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Your customers have all been there—they spot a snazzy sweater in their social feed and tap the link to buy it.

But first, they have to fill out their details with an overly complex (and slightly janky) online form. After that comes their credit card information. Then their shipping and billing addresses. Then maybe their Zodiac sign. On and on it goes until they give up.

This familiar dynamic explains some of the more than 70 percent of customers who have abandoned an online shopping form. Security concerns and the sheer arduousness of providing personal information are key reasons why most leave this digital paperwork unfiled.

And all your hard work put towards creating those forms in the first place? Lost.

Fortunately, there are ways you can easily create complex forms that fit any touchpoint on your customer’s journey. Forms your customers will be happy to fill out just because they’re so darn simple and user-friendly. Enter: Formidable Forms, a solutions-focused WordPress form plugin.

With it, you can easily create complex forms of all shapes and sizes—like contact forms, surveys, quizzes, registration forms, payment forms, or calculator forms—that are appealing and streamlined to suit your customer.

Despite its name, (you’ll have to ignore the misnomer) it’s actually incredibly easy to use. You drag, drop, and essentially you’re done. You can customize and adapt your form according to the theme you’re after with the visual styler, or simply choose from the tons of templates available. And when you have important data, you can display it with graphs and custom views.

Plus, every time a user submits a form, their response is automatically stored in your WordPress database, so you never have to worry about losing a lead. And as for your customers, they’ll have an easier time filling out your business’s forms (leading them to that snazzy sweater that much faster). It’s a win-win.

You can automate your forms and surveys with Zapier’s Formidable Forms integrations. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

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