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eBay UK has announced several upgrades and features to eBay Shops, the branded storefronts to attract more buyers on the online marketplace. eBay gave the edit shop page a new look, redesigned the categories page and introduced the possibility to create newsletters.

eBay offers different ways for sellers to have a shop on its platform. The cheapest way is meant for sellers who have a handful of products and want a storefront to brand and promote their business. The most expensive one is more for high volume sellers who have an extensive product catalog.

eBay UK has now announced several new features to enhance the eBay Shops experience.

eBay UK has now announced several new features to enhance the eBay Shops experience. “We’re excited to share some updates we’ve recently made based on your reaction. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your eBay Shop. We’ve gradually upgraded our platform and want to introduce improvements and features that are now live”, the ecommerce company explains to its sellers.

New look on the edit shop page

The first upgrade is a new look for the edit shop page. “This page now provides a new, modern, and more simplified experience that will work in conjunction with more enhancements coming in the future.” On the edit page, sellers can add their shop logo and billboard, add a description of their shop, set up featured listing, manage shop categories and change the name of their eBay shop.

Categories Redesign on eBay Shops

eBay UK has also introduced a new Shop categories experience. This new page should help reduce the time to create and manage shop categories by allowing sellers to view and manage all shop categories on a single page. Adding categories to an eBay shop can help buyers more easily navigate all seller’s listings within their shop.

Sellers can now manage all categories on a single page.

Shop newsletter

The marketplace says it’s also excited to share a significant upgrade to Shop newsletters. Sellers who want to easily communicate with buyers that subscribe to their shop can now create a newsletter to welcome subscribers or showcase new products. They can also build a community of repeat customers by telling their subscribers about promotions or recently added listings.

They can tell subscribers about promotions or new listings.

“You can also showcase listings in your newsletter based on rules you set. You can sort your products by newly listed, highest-priced, lowest-priced, ending first, or even by providing a price range. Filter products by category to personalize your newsletter even further”, the company further explains.

eBay Sellers can add new listings to their newsletter for subscribers.
eBay Sellers can add new listings to their newsletter for subscribers.

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