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People turn to Calendly because scheduling meetings can be an endless series of back-and-forth emails trying to find a time that works for all parties. Instead, Calendly lets participants pick meeting times from a list of pre-approved options, making the booking process easy.

But meetings are only one part of your workflow. With Zapier, you can add dozens of Calendly integrations that extend its features. Once you make it easy to book meetings with Calendly, Zapier can make it just as easy to add video conferencing, get meeting notifications, and add attendees to your email marketing with Zapier.

Note: You’ll need a paid Calendly account to automate it with Zapier.

Create meetings for new Calendly events

We’ve all experienced that moment when, after booking the perfect time, we miss the start of the meeting hunting for the right video conferencing link. That short delay gets your meeting off on the wrong foot, leaving you frazzled and apologetic before you even say hello.

Automation ensures this never needs to happen. Your link will be right there, so you never need to think about it.

Calendly gets you part of the way toward having a perfect meeting. Use Zapier to close the gap. Use these Zaps to automatically set up video conferencing for Calendly events.

As useful as Calendly is, you likely have several calendar and contact apps. Leaving these out of sync means you might start the week with a clear Google Calendar, unaware that someone scheduled a meeting through Calendly.

These Zaps connect calendar and contacts apps with Calendly, ensuring each booked meeting appears on your calendar and each invitee is in your contacts..

The more people you invite to a meeting, the more likely someone is going to misplace the appointment time—even with Calendly. Using Zapier, you can automatically send out email confirmations to attendees.

Add invitees to your CRM and email marketing funnels

A great meeting is only the first step toward a sale. After your meeting, you’ll want to continue to cultivate that relationship.

To better manage the touchpoints and interactions you’re having with prospects, make that Calendly meeting a launchpad. These Zaps automatically add invitees and contacts to your customer relationship management (CRM) of choice, so you can track relationships as they develop.

A meeting is a great opportunity to show your genuine commitment to helping your customer, but it’s not the best time for a feature tour or a walk-through of the latest industry research.

With these Zaps, you can automatically add contacts and invitees who are interested in learning more to your email marketing newsletters. This way, even when you’re not speaking to them directly, you can share value, show them compelling information, and gently convince them to convert.

Get notified about bookings and cancellations

Calendly can help you reduce the amount of effort necessary to book meetings, but it won’t always be able to help you keep on top of all the meetings you have.

According to research by Atlassian, 96 percent of people report missing meetings. But with automation, your company doesn’t have to fall prey to this statistic. You can set up Zaps that notify meeting participants by email, Slack, and SMS whenever Calendly meetings are scheduled or canceled.

Use these Zaps to send and get emails about new and canceled Calendly events.

If email isn’t fast enough for you, you can use these Zaps to get instant notifications about new and canceled bookings via Slack.

If you’re not always at your keyboard but still need notifications, use these Zaps to get instant notifications about new and canceled bookings via SMS messages.

Prepare for your meetings and debrief after they’re done

Calendly can help you book a meeting, but it can’t help you have a good meeting. That’s where automation comes in.

The same Atlassian study also showed that of the 62 meetings most employees attended each month, they considered half of them a waste of time. So, useless meetings squandered 31 hours every month per employee.

There’s no need to waste so much time when there are modern automation tools available. Zapier can help you prepare for meetings and debrief afterwards, ensuring that your meeting time is as productive as it can be.

Prepare for your meetings with Zaps that automatically create tasks in your project management apps.

There’s more value to get from meetings than what occurs in the meeting itself. Make the most of your meetings with these Zaps that help you debrief and report on your conversations after they’re done.

After you implement Zaps that help you prepare and debrief for each meeting, make sure you get a big-picture view, too. These Zaps create a digest of Calendly events and deliver them to you via email or Slack.

Calendly integrations make meetings even easier

Meetings get a bad reputation. But that reputation often comes from how hard they are to schedule, set up, and complete. With Calendly, you can make the process of booking meetings almost automatic.

A few Calendly integrations can extend the powers of Calendly even further. With Zapier, you can ensure each meeting starts on time, strengthens your relationships, and stays productive.

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